Lillie’s Bag Available on Amazon



If you have got the chance to play Sun and Moon then you probably know about Lillie’s struggle to keep Nebby in her bag. While Lillie has the best intention for keeping Nebby safe he seems to have other ideas as he often wanders away from her finding himself into all types of trouble. Being the kind trainer you are, of course, you often end up running to the rescue to save the duo from harm’s way. This quickly became a pretty popular internet meme among the Pokemon community gaining steam almost instantly after the game’s release.

Luckily for Pokemon fans who really got into the duo’s struggle, The Pokemon Center has produced a replica of the infamous bag for you to own. The bag is great for cosplay or as a piece of Sun and Moon memorabilia, but sadly does not come with Nebby as it looks like he may have escaped during the bags transfer to the warehouse. For overseas users, Amazon has started selling the bags from their store online with hilarious feedback from trainers and what appears to be Nebby himself in the comments section.

The bag currently is going for $143 USD and is a little pricey for non-collectors.  This is likely due to the bag being a limited item and the import costs that Amazon will be looking at to get it to you. If you are interested however just click here to be taken to the sale page for the item. For everyone else be sure to read some of the great commentaries from the review section of the bag!