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Is Pokemon Go Plus Malfunctioning?

Is Pokémon Go Plus fulfilling its expectation as the ultimate gadget of Pokémon Go? So far, that is not the case. With Pokémon Go Plus release date being tomorrow, despite being delayed, the highly anticipated device is creating faces that resemble that of ‘Gloom’s’ on fans. These reactions are caused by the fact that there seems to be a low chance of actually catching the Pokémon.

This is essentially adding gas on the fire because, as it is, you cannot catch Pokémons that are not registered in your PokéDex – which has left a lot of fans dumbfounded. Pokémon Go Plus is designed to assist Pokémon Goers by notifying them of nearby Pokémon via buzzing. You are then left with the option to either catch it by pressing a button on the device or to not catch it by completely ignoring the notification. If you decide to catch the Pokémon, there will be an indication of whether the capture was successful or not by emitting green or red light respectively. So far, Pokémon Goers have been receiving the infamous red light – which is causing the unhappy reactions. Not to mention, the lack of options when it comes to which PokéBall you would like to use. Normally, this would not be an issue if it was the handheld game. However, Pokémon Go is not a handheld game and does not provide unlimited resources, so wasting PokéBalls is not ideal – especially if you are a high level.

Ironically enough, there are, what we would call, “positives” to Pokémon Go Plus. Despite the “negatives” I have mentioned, Pokémon Go Plus serves as a tracking system i.e. it tracks the distance the individual has completed. This means that it affects your hatching ability and your candy acquisition in a positive way i.e. you are able to hatch more eggs and evolve more Pokémons. So, that is definitely a plus.

All in all, this has been quite the eye opener for a lot of Pokémon Goers – so much so that there are rumors of a lot of cancellations occurring – which makes me wonder if whether or not Pokémon Go Plus is the ultimate device?

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