Story of Season Available for 3DS

The Harvest Moon series may go under a new name, but it’s the same old farming sim we know in love. Trio of towns is the newest game in the series and focuses on players getting to know three different towns with their on cultures. New to the game is your chance to own a capybara as pets along with new bachelors and bachelorettes to marry.

Each town features it’s on regional crops, also animals, and flavors causing players to interact with each town in order open all of their options. Customization also back giving you the freedom to have some control over your farmers look. The game released in Febuary and will run you around 39.99 Usd from all major retailers.

For more great games and Poke find stay tuned to Pokefind. Also, don’t forget to check out other great titles in the Harvest Moon series like the first Story of Seasons and Skytree Village!

Buy it now from Amazon!

Gamestop Taking Reserves For The Nintendo Switch

If you missed your first chance to get the Nintendo Switch we may just have an opportunity for you. Gamestop’s are taking order for The Nintendo Switch in bundle form online and in store that will be delivered by Easter. The bundle cost is $599 and come with games and accessories to start you off right.

The $599 bundle includes : Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con Console, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass*, Snipperclips*, Just Dance 2017, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The Complete Official Guide, Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock, Nintendo Switch Hybrid Cover, SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSD Card with Adapter, and Power Kit AC-Adapter for Switch.

This bundle contains everything you need to start your Switch career off right including Breath of The Wild.  If your interested in getting one we do think you should hurry as things like this tend to sell out pretty fast when they pop up!

A Team Skull Dressed Pikachu Now Exists!

If you’re a fan of the newest legion of Pokemon bad guys then this Pikachu is for you. He wears the iconic Team Skull grunt outfit complete with Bandana, shoes, and necklace. The only thing that could make him better is the official theme song.


If you’re still more of a classic Pokemon lover there is also a Pikachu dressed in Team Rockets grunt outfit that even comes complete with a confident smug on his face.  You also have to admit Pikachu is even cuter when wearing gloves!

If those two weren’t enough then check out this Pikachu coming straight from the latest remakes in the series Ruby and Sapphire! This Pikachu is dressed from head to toe in Team Magma’s gear and even comes posed to perfection. All of these Pikachu’s are Pokemon Center Japan exclusives and will range you between $20 to $40 USD.

Alolan Marowak For Sale Through Amazon!

Just when you thought you were done buying Pokemon merchandise for your room along comes this plush from Amazon. Alolan Marowak is here for you to cuddle at night or put up in your collection. He is a Pokemon Center exclusive and comes straight from Japan to your door.

Marowak measures 22.5 × 19 × 15 and will run you around $30 if bought through Amazon. There is also a version available with prime shipping that comes from Amazon itself. It will run you a few dollars more, but a card will be included with your plush!

There are a few other Alolan plushes currently out, but we have yet to see a full line for purchase. Be sure to stay tuned with us for more Pokemon news and collectibles you can add to your collection!

The Nintendo Switch Launch is Going Amazing

As most of you have probably heard Nintendo’s newest console the Nintendo Switch launched last week. With a limited supply and pre-orders that only lasted a few days many worried about how the consoles sales would go. This of course was only heightened by the launch titles being only 5 games 2 of which that where available on the Wii U consoles as well.

To everyone’s surprise however interest in the Nintendo Switch kept growing and it has sold wonderfully during launch. The console is currently sold out everywhere in the United States other than a few select bundles on The flagship game Zelda: Breath of The Wild also has turned out to be one of the highest scored games in video game history.

The consoles sales goals where also staggering as stated by Nintendo and Zelda broke the record for most copies sold of a stand alone launch game. On top of that Nintendo is gearing up to launch the Splatoon 2 test fire this month which will create a very interesting online community.

Perfect Time to Get a Wii U

The Wii U’s production has officially come to a halt across the globe. as the Nintendo Switch moves towards its release date. This has stabilized the price of the Wii U and games to around $215 USD for lightly used consoles Of course if you wanted to go cheaper the basic edition of the Wii U is even cheaper.

So, why invest now other than the cheaper price you ask? Well, Nintendo games are known for becoming less than fun to find and being pricey. Right now you can just walk to your local Gamestop and pick up almost any Wii U title easily and for a fair price. On top of that most pre-owned copies are in pretty great condition and easy to find if you want to go a cheaper route with game buying.

On top of that, the library for the Wii U is pretty much complete with the next major launch being Breath of The Wild.  This is the perfect time to play through your Nintendo wishlist for a smaller price point. On top of that who secretly doesn’t like buying new consoles!?


Pokemon Go has passed the $1 Billion Revenue Mark

Since the Pokemon Go’s launch in the summer, players have been buying lures, pokeballs, incense and other items in large numbers. Recently a report from Sensor Tower stated that the game has now grossed Niantic over $1 Billion in revenue. This is a huge milestone for any game and means that Niantic is definitely going to be able to keep working on the game for a long time.

Pokemon Go’s revenue has a lot to do with how the game’s progress goes moving forward. While the launch and early updates were hurt by bugs, as Niantic builds their resources they’ll be able to bring in more employees and push out updates more efficiently. While Niantic may not go on a hiring spree, more resources open up a lot of opportunities for the company to put more into Pokemon Go to make the game even better.

The big deal to take away from this is that Pokemon Go still has a large fan base that is paying for content providing a reminder to both players and Niantic that the game is still wanted. While the initial hype may have lost its media focus, a lot of people are still playing Go and more people keep picking it up.

Music Update for Android

Niantic has answered the cries of some fans who encountered a previous bug when playing Pokemon Go. Previously, the game stopped any music from other apps from playing while the game was open. The latest update includes a fix for this and allows players to listen to whatever music they choose while playing Pokemon Go.

It’s not a huge change, but for those that were frustrated by the glitch this will definitely be a welcome change. This glitch was also not present on iOS previously so this levels out the experience for Pokemon Go players on both versions of the software.

The update also came with a few other minor fixes for both platforms. Niantic will most likely keep rolling out these types of updates for awhile longer as there are no signs of major updates coming at the moment. While we may not see more Pokemon added for some time, players can rest assured that Niantic will keep pushing out fixes and polishes to keep making Pokemon Go better than ever.

Build Your Favorite Pokemon With These Neat Sets

If you’re anything like the rest of us you probably like putting things together.  Luckily for you we have found some Pokemon themed projects to do in your spare time. These kits are related to lego kits in a way, but derive from Japan and have slightly different pieces to put together. They are generally based off of characters and are built for display.

You can choose from:


M - 9136 Pokemon Pikachu Building Block


M - 9142 Pokemon Charmander Building Block


LOZ 110Pcs M - 9140 Pokemon Squirtle Building Block

There are many more to choose from on the site, but these fan favorites are a pretty awesome pick. The sets won’t run you much and cost around $3.00 USD a piece.



Pokemon Chocolates For Valentines

POKEMON BOX WITH CHOCOLATE! ☀ It's funny gift food will be a great holiday gift idea! (18 pieces of chocolate)

Remember the other day when we said we were sad the Pokemon Center didn’t have chocolates? Well, we found some on Amazon that looks adorable and gift ready! Just in time for Valentine’s day ordering, you can now buy customer approved boxes of Pokemon wrapped chocolates for you’re sweetheart.

The box contains 18 pieces of dark chocolate candy squares wrapped in Pokemon paper. Each box will run you around $14.95 USD with free shipping. While this may not be a huge box of chocolates like you’d normally pick up from a store it is guaranteed to give your gift just a little bit more character.

If you need some more ideas for Valentine’s day be sure to scroll down to see the line of Valentine’s day merchandise from the Pokemon Center. If that’s not enough we have made quite a few gift guides that have some cute suggestions for your boyfriend/girlfriend.