Pokemon Go is Still Going Strong

Many people are worried about the slow down that GO has seemily had in the last few months. Over the summer it launched you could see people lining up in Pokestops around the United States for a chance to catch a Pikachu. Now, you barely see anyone saying anymore or so you think.

As the winter months have set in many people have been less inclined too go outside and take a hike. As the warmer weather approaches though a rise in active users is starting to occur. Many players are excited about the release of generation two. This in turn will bring back weekend Pokemon binge when everyone emerges from their hibernation and can start safely getting back into the game.

In fact a recent report just came out proving that Go still has 65 million active users a month. With an upcoming festival on the rise and flowers growing every place they can get ready for a resurgence in players in your area.

Pokemon Go Easter Event Expected Soon

If you haven’t gotten a chance to play Go lately we have some good news for you. Supposedly there is an Easter Event on it’s way to the game to get players back into the groove as the warmer months his us in the U.S. and surrounding countries. This will of course heighten users in App once more which earlier this week showed reduced numbers in user activity.

The Event has a high likely hood of revolving around eggs in some form and is completely in the speculation stages at this point. We could see a rise of candies or a shorter egg hatching time. We may even seen Chansey and Exeggcute get a rise in spawns for the holiday. Maybe, we will even get a Pikachu wearing bunny ears to kick off the event.

None, the less you should be excited for any new additions to the game after the Water Festivals success early this year. Here’s hoping that we get free baskets full of ultra balls when we log in next!


Pokemon Go Water Festival!

If you have been playing go lately you may have noticed an influx in water Pokemon in your area. This is due to the latest in game even named the Water Festival. This event started on the 22nd and will end on the 29th of May. Additionally, this even will also make it easier to catch newly introduced Johto Pokemon in your game.

This is a great time to get out and bask in the warm Spring weather. Increased water Pokemon means increased candy and potentially that Gyarados you’ve been eyeing for months. This may even be a great incentive to start Go back up and catch up with other trainers in the Johto update. Either way the event is sure to be a lot of fun for everyone who joins. There was even a mention of a special edition trainer hat you can unlock.

What do you think the next Go related event will be? Let us know in the comments below!

Pokemon Go Sports Tops For Women

If you’re a lady who gets just as into gaming as your male counterparts you may be a little sad at the merch that comes our way. While no one minds comfy sleep shirts or a big t-shirt every once in a while some products made just for girls is nice to have.  Pokemon is a brand that is generally pretty fair in including both genders thanks to that we have some pretty sweet choices in what we wear.

Thanks to this we can buy these adorable Pokemon Go sports tops off of Amazon. They are comfortable great to work out or catch Pokemon in and will look great with a pair of shirts. They come in 6 different designs including Jigglypuff, the three gen 1 starters, Pikachu, and a Pokeball design. The tops all cost around $7 to $8 Usd and are one size fits all with measurements listed in the description.

What do you think of these adorable tops? Would you wear them to do your Poke hunting in?



Pokemon Go Plus Now in Stock at The Pokemon Center

If your like most of us you may not have had the chance to grab the Pokemon Go Plus watch when it first came out. Due to limited stock and an almost surprise release the device went into rare territory almost instantly only available for high prices online. To remedy this there has been a steady stream of Plus in the past few months.

Now however, you can purchase the device directly from the official online Pokemon Center in the U.S. The device is available for purchase at the click of a button and for it’s original price. On top of that you could even add in the Bulbasaur plush you may have been eyeing for a bit.

If your more of a in-store shopper then keep checking your local electronics dealers each week as more are shipped out. With recent updates Go interest has re-sparked and merchandise will be easier to find than ever!

New Secrets Found in Latest Pokemon Go Update

The latest update to Pokemon Go was not meant to change the current state of the game but instead added preliminary data for a lot of features.

Breeding and shinies received some basic coding in the game before the latest update, but this was expanded upon. There is evidence of an in-game news feed being added, meaning Niantic will be able to directly communicate with players. New moves were also added to the game, a total of thirty-eight. Finally, code for evolution items such as the stones and items like King’s Rock were added. Hopefully, the connection of items like King’s Rock to trading to induce evolution may indicate a plan to add trading to the game in the foreseeable future but there is still no evidence in the code for the feature.

A lot of features seem to be in the works currently. Hopefully, these will be implemented soon and  Niantic can continue to roll out new features and events to keep making Pokemon Go even better.

Pokemon Go Winter Events Simmer Down

Pokemon Go players have had an exciting last few weeks as Niantic released quite a few bonuses. The app was filled with Pikachu’s wearing Santa hats and special gift boxes with ultra balls stuffed inside.  Trainers found that spawn rates were being increased inside the game for the starter Pokemon and new baby Pokemon were added in at the beginning of December.

According to accounts on r/pokemongo, though, wild Pikachus have lost their hats. This is not surprising as we are quite a bit passed the holidays now. Others report that the store has also stopped selling the special edition gift boxes.  The event was stated to last to the 8th of January and will continue on in the form of the increased spawn rates for starter Pokemon.

Though the winter events are over expect more activity from Niantic coming soon. With holidays like Valentine’s day around the corner, we have a great chance of seeing another round of specials be announced for the game. It’s also worth noting that at any time we could see the release of the remainder of the generation 2 roster on the app.

Eggs no Longer Hatching Evolutions

One of the most recent additions to Pokemon Go were the baby Pokemon introduced in the 2nd generation of the main games. These currently have increased chances of being obtained through the events in Pokemon Go, but there is a major detail that is being discovered with the update. This change does mean that some Pokemon previously available via eggs will now have to be caught in the wild or raised from a hatched baby Pokemon.

Some long time players of the main games may remember having to take special measures for getting certain baby Pokemon, but in Pokemon Go it seems they have simply removed the ability for Pokemon like Pikachu, Clefairy, and Magmar to be hatched from an egg. This may make getting certain Pokemon take a little longer, but will also make the final product much stronger.

Also, remeber that there is currently a spawn rise in the starter Pokemon. So, if you want to finish evolving up that Squirtle you got over the summer now is the perfect opportunity to grind for candy.

Lastly, there have been rumors that Togepi can fully evolve into Togetic as of right now. If you have a Togepi let us know if it happens to evolve!

Girl Uses Sleeping Mom’s Fingerprint For Pokemon Gifts

This holiday season has been great for Pokemon and even Nintendo fans in general. There were a lot of great gifts to go around, which apparently got someone out there a little too desperate to score so Pokemon gear.

An Arkansas family’s six-year-old daughter recently managed to snag her mother’s phone while the mother was sleeping. What did this 6-year-old want you ask? Just $250 worth of Pokemon merchandise for her Christmas presents. To top it off, the little girl even used her mother’s thumbprint while she was sleeping to unlock the phone! She did manage to have the gifts delivered properly, but unfortunately for the parents, they were not able to return everything.

Hopefully, this little girl and her family still had a wonderful holiday season and the little girl learned a lesson in not using someone’s devices without permission. As for everyone else, maybe we should start using complicated codes to unlock our phones? This is a great reminder to keep our phones secure, and a pretty light hearted story among less happy news lately and hopefully, people get a little laugh out of this family’s misadventures. Happy Holidays!

Pokemon Go Holiday Event

While everyone is celebrating with their families over the holidays Pokemon Go will be giving people a reason to venture off with their loved ones for some boosted gameplay.

Starting December 25th players will be able to more easily acquire the new baby Pokemon added in the last game update. Eggs will not necessarily hatch faster, however, each pokestop will give players a free incubator per day to make hatching eggs easier. Also, there will be increased rates for receiving eggs containing the new baby Pokemon. The incubators are one use, but with increased egg rates they will make hatching a much easier process. There will also be a higher chance of encountering the santa-hat Pikachu during this time. This event will end on January 3rd.

Also, on December 30th the encounter rates for all three first generation starters and their evolutions will be raised as well. This means gathering candies to evolve or power up your starter Pokemon will be much easier, or if you haven’t found all of the starters yet this will be a great opportunity to catch them. This event will end on January 8th.

These events will make filling pokedex entries a lot easier, and are a great holiday treat from Niantic. Good luck catching your Pokemon and be safe out there over the holidays!