Animal Crossing: New Leaf, A Laid Back Simulation.

If you’ve been having trouble finding a new game to pick up lately, why not pick up Animal Crossing? Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the newest game in the series for 3Ds and is currently trying to make its way to your mobile  device in 2017 for phone users. The series is lighthearted and can either be played each day or by changing a clock at the menu screen to speed through the year. The series doesn’t have any type of combat in it, and is completely about interacting and building a life in a new town.

Animal Crossing’s main focus is decorating and updating a house you move into on your own. The games always start with you getting off a train to find Tom Nook who gives you a house under the condition you pay him back for it later. Each time you pay Tom Nook a loan back you get to expand your house more giving you more room to decorate. There are several different styles of items in the game and Nintendo is known for adding more through updates or events throughout the year.

The secondary focus of the game is interacting with your town. Animal Crossing has an ever-changing real-time world in which new animals move in and out of your town at random points.  One of the things the game wants you to do is interact with your neighbors, each different NPC character has its own style, personality, and things they want to talk to you about. They will also flag you down to ask for favors that result in getting free items for your house. Some will even send you letters or come to visit your home. Neighbors in Animal Crossing will also interact with each other which can result in them being in different moods when you finally get to talk with them for the day.

In New Leaf though, there is one other main focus the game gives you when you venture into town for the first time. There has been a strange mix-up and you get pulled into being the mayor for the town. Being the mayor gives you the ability to make modifications to all types of things like money inflation, night hours, daytime hours, and a focus on town beautification. The Mayor position also allows for you to commission new structures to be built anywhere you reasonably can. This feature makes pretty much the whole town your personal canvas.

To make the deal with Animal Crossing: New Leaf even sweeter Nintendo just dropped the price of the game down to 20$ USD. They also are rolling out all new Amiibo related updates to the game in December. With these updates, you will get a campsite that you can invite your favorite villagers to if you have collected their amiibo card. You also can get all new items by tapping other Amiibo to the game like the Squid Sisters from Splatoon. With new features and a mobile port coming for New Leaf now is as good as time as ever to look into picking the game up, especially with the price cut!