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Pokemon Origins Is The Best Pokemon Series For Adults, You May Have Missed.

Pokemon Origins is the “adult” version or more so than the normal anime you find on Cartoon Network and other kids channels that you never knew you needed. While the normal anime series, especially if you watch it anywhere other than Japan, is rather childish and played down. Origins shines as a great alternative for adult fans of the series or anime genre. The show has more realistic violence, suspense, and overall darker tones that fit well in with the comic series.  It’s also only four OVA episodes making it an easier watch to get through than the 940 episode, and ongoing, original.

Pokemon Origins can be found officially on Youtube for your viewing pleasure. The series was initially released online for free to promote the latest released generation of Pokemon games X and Y. This version to many fans surprise was a drastic turn around for the series and featured the original region of Kanto and trainer Red. It also kept to a strict storyline instead of focusing on a monster of the week type episode or trying to stuff all the 151 original Pokemon in at once, which was quite refreshing for the game and comic fans. Origins also had a pretty solid voice cast behind it for the English language which can often be found lacking within such a quickly ported show.

The story follows the adventures of Red through the events of the first Pokemon game and his rival Blue, who are competing to become Pokemon league champions. Throughout the series, many popular gym leaders and battles are shown with beautiful detail worked in.  The music is also taken straight from the games with little modification and when an episode ends they even put in an old school save screen to act like the progress Red made that episode is saved to a cartridge. The series has many more cool little throwbacks to Red, Blue, and Green to enjoy as you are watching it.

Episode breakdown:

Episode 1:  Red and Blue Choose their first Pokemon from Professor Oak’s lab to set off on their adventure with. They end up in a short battle between their starters, then Red leaves to win his first gym battle at Pewter City.

Episode 2: This episode focuses on Lavender town and the intro of team Rockets Schemes.  Red learns of a Cubone that was chased by Team Rocket, who then ended up killing it’s mother Marowak. The Poke Flute that awakens Snorlax is also obtained from Mr.Fuji.

Episode 3: Follows the Silph Company take over by Team Rocket. The episode flips through the rest of the gyms Red must win. then goes on to the final gym battle between Red and Giovani.

Episode 4: This episode focuses on Red taking over the Pokemon Leauge and facing Blue in his final trainer test. Then afterwards it has Red going through Cerulean Cave to capture and tame the Mewtwo that escaped from the laboratory on Cinnabar Island.

If you end up enjoying the Origins series be sure and check out Pokemon’s newest project titled Generations. Generations episodes are shorts that will cover famous in-game moments.

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