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Pokémon GO Portable Pokeball Chargers

Since the release of Pokémon GO it seems that many people have acquired portable chargers to assist with playing the game for long periods of time without having to stop to recharge their phone. However, a majority of these chargers available are simple rectangular blocks with no details save for their USB ports on one side or maybe a logo. So it only makes sense that someone decided that these portable batteries should be made to fit more into the immersion of playing Pokémon GO. This lead to the Pokeball charger.

The most common one available is a standard sized Pokeball with several variants you can choose from to fit your style. They have capacities ranging in the 10000 to 12000 mAh range, and can charge your phone several times over. They even have LED lights on the ball to give it a more advanced look. There are several design options, the chargers come in three ball variants of standard red, a black luxury ball, and a pink ball similar to the lesser known love ball. Each one can also have your team logo of choice pictures on the top half of the ball. The charger port is located on the front center of the ball, where one would normally expect the opening mechanism to be located.

The chargers all look amazing, and you can find them on eBay for $18.99 USD, which is actually pretty fair considering the cost of most similar powered chargers being the same if not more. If you really wanted to immerse yourself in Pokémon GO you could combine this charger with the Pokedex phone case we covered to get a full set of poke-gear for all your hunting needs!

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