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Poke Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again where we have to rush to get our holiday shopping done in between busy scheduling. For the daunting Poke fan, this can be a great time to find some new merch for the wishlist or even use the holiday as an excuse to give games to friends yet to enter the series. Here at Pokes Find we have compiled a short list to help you find the perfect Poke gifts.

Pokemon Decals

Do you love Generation one? Do you love decorating your room to represent your love for video games? Then these Pokemon Decals will be perfect for you. They easily apply to surfaces and only cost around 12$ USD for a whole pack!

Kanto Gym Badges

Become the Pokemon Master you always knew you were with this set of the 8 original gym badges from Kanto. The badges can function as actual pins to be attached to outwear to cosplay with. The badges generally run around $11 USD.

Pikachu LED Light

Light up your room at night with this LED powered Pikachu lamp. The lamp features color changing technology and uses energy saving technology.  The lamp goes for #19.99 USD.

Pokemon Monopoly Johto Edition

For the board game lover in your life why not get the Johto edition of Pokemon Monopoly? It features collectible pieces of the generation 2 starters along with Pikachu and Togepi, plus a Johto centralized game board. You can pick up this piece for around $40 USD.

Pokeball Ocarina

Does the Poke fan in your life love the Legend of Zelda series as well? If so then consider this Pokeball version of the ocarina. This ocarina will only run you around $20 USD.

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