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Nintendo Switch Announcements Almost Here

Ever since the NX information began trickling out, fans of Nintendo have been eagerly awaiting any information to be released. In the closing months of 2016 the NX’s official name was released, and so began the flow of information for the Nintendo Switch.

Set to release in March, the Switch has had little information floating around about it. However, on the 12th we’ll all be treated to a Nintendo Conference all about the Switch and we’ll finally get some long awaited details. As Nintendo’s next console, the Switch has already been shown to dissolve the line between home consoles and portable gaming devices by offering the power of a home console while being able to be taken away from home without ever turning off your game.

The information that is most desired seems to be a list of the launch titles, prices, and some more specific hardware information. There is also the elephant in the room, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Nintendo hasn’t stated it will be a launch title, and the game has been in development long enough that fans feel the release should come much sooner than later. So be sure to keep an eye out for Nintendo’s new info on the Switch on the 12th to see what their next console has to offer!

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